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Our Vision
To be the acknowledged leader in design, manufacture and service of transportation products throughout China.                         
Our Mission
To provide ever increasing value to all of our stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, associates, suppliers, and our community. Based on core values of integrity, trust and mutual respect, we will drive continuous improvement, thus assuring leadership positions in safety performance, product innovation and quality, customer satisfaction, community involvement, and associate development and teamwork.
Our Value
*    The Safety of our associates is our number one value and top priority.  The company and its associates will continually strive to eliminate incidents and injuries throughout all our operations.
*    It is only through total and complete Customer Satisfaction that we will survive and thrive as a business.  We will achieve this through excellence in providing world-class Product Quality, reliable On-time
*    Delivery, and best-in-class Service.
*    Our Associates are central to our success.  We will assist them in their development, both professionally and personally, by providing continued training opportunities, and empowering them to be successful.
*    Continuous Improvement in all aspects of our business must be at the core of our very being.  We must strive to be better today than we were yesterday and better tomorrow than we are today.
*    Achieving and maintaining the position as Low-cost Producer is paramount to our long-term viability and success.
*    HuaWin has long established reputation as the leader in Innovation, creativity, and technology.  We must leverage this and continue to provide creative solutions for Chinese trucking industry.
*    Communications are often at the core of most problems.  We will make effective and thorough communications a key focal point in everything we do.